HAST joined IATA in 2004
Our membership ID is 90-47135
HAST joined FIATA in 2003
It was a pleasure that the latest FIATA congress was held in Egypt in the same year of Egyptian revolution 2011
HAST joined EIFFA in 1996
Mr. Essam EL Shazly the owner of HAST is capturing the head of the membership committee
HAST joined WCA Family in 2007.
As APLN member. Then we changed to the sub network
WCA as we are much proud of the family name
HAST is certified by ECCA (Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority) in 2008.
Membership no. 46. So we are one of the fewest freight certified forwarder in Egypt
HAST is certified by the Egyptian Customs Authority in the field of custom clearance by its own brokers.
Certification no: 2/1001201
HAST certified ISO 9001/2008 in 2010 for 6 fields (Import Air – Export Air) – (Import Sea – Export Sea) (Air custom clearance – Sea Custom clearance) That is really proves how much HAST is highly distinguished in all the above fields that is comparing to 90% of Egyptian Freight Forwarder who don’t apply ISO measurements in the field.
Update about Egypt situation ...
HAST celebrates the Muslims feast ...
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