H.A.S.T is one of the fewest Egyptian freight forwarders who has it's own customs brokers covering the major Egyptian ports through our own offices Alexandria, Damietta Sokhna & Port Said}) being controlled and managed through our head office in Cairo.
Customs procedures may troublesome and costly to handle somewhere with some others. But HAST can be able to offer perfect service for any kind of shipments with the most economical cost. We developed systematic methods, which can ensure both the efficiency and the safety of your cargo.
A unique service for DAP & DDP are assured as our own custom brokers performs professionally two functions of facilitating to release the cargo & handling the necessary documentation that must accompany the shipment.
Above is coupling with the job of facilitating export shipments procedures differing restrictions and requirements from country to country.
As our customs brokerage services is a part of our firm plus the speedy delivery for all your shipping documents within Egypt using our efficient, reliable messenger service all of that assured that you are in a safe hands.
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