Through accumulative experience along 20 years HAST offers an impressive array of value-added services tailored to the apparel industry.
For all air or sea modes of transport (LCL and FCL) collections of hanging garments, a team of experienced handlers is dispatched to the premises of the shippers, under the supervision of a professional supervisor, to ensure that the garments are hung properly in the trucks or the containers. The supervisor will ensure that the specific requirements and instructions of the consignee are adhered to. We proud to announce owning know-how.
1- HAST has its workshop for building Air G.O.H Unit.
2- Our huge regular volume by air freight gives us easily a special rates & reasonable charges of ready G.O.H equipments by alternatives airlines.
HAST has its workshop for building Sea G.O.H Units for different shapes & dimensions that suit different containers types 20’ & 40’.
A- First Shape: Racks with Ropes for the G.O.H:
B- Second Shape: Racks have two Levels “Bars”
We enjoy a special rates & reasonable charges of ready G.O.H equipments by alternatives shipping lines because of our huge regular volume.
Considering the diversify of the goods (Jacket, Trousers, Skirts, Suit…etc) so in pursuit of meeting specific needs of each shipping mode, container type, our commitments of time, cost & quality so every thing used to be calculated accurately by a well experienced qualified staff.
For information in details please contact Mr. Haytham Lotfy (haytham@hast-eg.com)
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