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Since the outset of Horus in 1992, I have put in mind the factors that I perceive to be the essential steps to reach a continuous development and success.


Since it has always been our strategy to fully consider our employees, this has been accomplished through carefully screening qualified employees and conducting intensive training programs which helps in creating a competitive work place, supplying our employees with all means of accommodation, creating a sense of loyalty which reflects on the overall performance of our business.

Operating in a developing country, we realized that our international agents will need a money guarantee. That’s why Horus keeps on reflecting transparency and credibility in money transfer dates. Moreover, participating in several organizations that supporting our credibility, such as IATA, FIATA, EIFFA, ECAA, ISO 9001, as well as joining the WCA Family Network, as well as attaining a financial violations-free history.
Moreover, our competitive rates and quick response for their request assure our professionalism.
Two factors (employees-agents) have been deliberately mentioned first because they are the basic sides of the success triangle of this organization. Accordingly, our best performance is reflected on our relationship with customers. Every customer experiences a special handling technique and best rates and this is our target to reach the utmost success by offering a tailor made solution suiting each client.
Driven by passion and hope, we strive to make our company a step in supporting the local economy out of respecting our principles, ethics and code of conduct. As a board member of EIFFA I contributed in the transportation industry and developing its related systems and laws, which qualified our country to host FIATA congress 2011.
Depicting these factors, and after mastering it, I ensure the reaping of positive results represented by our sincere efforts throughout the past 20 years. This can be talked in maintaining and developing our workforce, attaining a prominent rank and increasing business volume with Air & Shipping lines. Furthermore, our agents are scattered all over the world, who share deep trust together with the company. Last but not least Horus increases its customers and preserves the old ones by working on increasing customer’s satisfaction.

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