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HISTORY (Timeline previously)

2023 Joined WOF Network
2022 Joined GKF Network
2020 Obtained Ministry of Defense Military Intelligence Authority approval
2017 Celebrated HAST 25 year anniversary
2015 Acquired ISO 14001:2015 environmental certificate
2012 Celebrating HAST anniversary 20 years of success
2010 Certified  as an ISO 9001/2008 member in 6 fields
2009 Adding new service of bonded warehouse in Port Said
2008 Certified as ECAA (Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority) member Membership no. 46
2007 Join WCA Family as APLN member
2005 HAST opened Cairo Air Port office
Registering in ALEX chamber of Commerce
2004 Certified  as an IATA member no. 90-47135
Moving HQ to a new wider office as policy of expansion
2003 Damietta office opened. Covering ports {Sokhna, Port Said (East & West)}
Joined FIATA network
2002 One of the fewest forwarders who applying to hire students of Mubarak school as trainees
2000 Registering for applying Consolidation authorization letter
1997 HAST opened Alex office to cover Alex port
1996 Joined EIFFA network
1995 Registering in ALEX chamber of Commerce
1992 H.A.S.T “Horus Air & Sea Transport“ was established by its owner Mr. Essam EL Shazly. Since  being founded there were a strategic plan to expand HAST offices to cover the major of Egyptian ports

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