Egypt Pens new partnership deal with AVIC China

Posted by Mahmoud

The Chairman of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, Abdel Moneim Al-Taras, stressed the importance of transferring and settling modern technology in the field of railway and infrastructure industries.

He pointed out that the Renaissance of the Egyptian industry is achieved by deepening local industrialization and joint manufacturing with international expertise.Affiliated to the Chinese company AVIC International. “We have agreed with AFIC Intel for Chinese engineering projects to share experiences, training and joint manufacturing in the fields of railways, infrastructure and various manufacturing fields,” he added, adding that the Arab Organization for Industrialization is partnering with major international companies to deepen local manufacturing.

Taras also stressed the importance of cooperation with the friendly country of China in light of the depth and strength of the historical relations between Egypt and China.

The areas of cooperation extend to the fields of design and joint manufacturing, transfer and localization of technology and exchange of experiences in infrastructure and railways and covering the domestic and external market.

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